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Regardless of your laboratory’s size, industry, or location TTE laboratories can provide you with metrology driven pipette calibration and repair at an incredible price. TTE Laboratories provides all the benefits of precision that off-site calibration offers combined with the ease of on-site calibration. We provide 24 hour turnaround from the time that prescheduled pipettes are received for all of our clients, all throughout the United States.

Pipette Calibration Services in the Lower 48
Proper pipette calibration is an absolute necessity. Your laboratory endeavors demand complete measurement accuracy. If one measurement if off, the consequences can be catastrophic to your experiment. To ensure that your pipettes are always accurate, we provide expert calibration services. We are fully
accredited for and compliant with all pipette calibration standards, including ISO/IEC 17025:2017, 8655 ANSI Z540, ISO 8655 and ASTM E115. We are also fully qualified to work with top pipette brands including Eppendorf, Rainin, Gilson, Labsystems, and more. All at exceptional pipette calibration prices.


Lab Equipment Repair Services In The US
No matter how careful you are, pipette wear and damage is inevitable. A pipette in a compromised condition will render inaccurate readings and ultimately be unusable. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should start throwing pipettes away. We can save your damaged or worn down pipettes with our laboratory equipment repair services. During our pipette calibration and other maintenance services, we fully inspect the pipette for damage. If it is damaged, we
repair the equipment complementary if no replacement parts are needed.


Pipette Inventory Management Services Throughout the United States
How many pipettes do you have? Keeping up with a large number of pipettes on your own is difficult and impractical. Not only does pipette management become a distraction from your day-to-day tasks, but it also puts your experiments and production at risk due to accidental pipette damage, loss or mix-ups. We have
developed a system that will streamline any laboratory’s pipette inventory management system. When you work with us, we assign you a dedicated inventory management expert to help you get everything organized, schedule maintenance, and more.


Contact TTE For Your Laboratory Equipment Solution
From Portland Oregon to Portland Maine and San Diego across to Boston we have the entire United States covered by our pipette experts.
The quality of your lab equipment will make or break the results of your hard work. In order to avoid a disaster, make sure that your equipment is prepared to produce results. Our team of laboratory equipment experts can take care of your every need. Give us a call so that you can start taking advantage of TTE Laboratories’ services today!