TTE Laboratories’ provides a broad range of pipette services, from ISO 17025 and 8655 compliant calibration to repair, refurbishment or replacement and calibration management and user training. This means we are able to customize these services to meet the specific needs of each laboratory, whether performing critical GMP applications, clinical diagnostics, basic research, or any laboratory in between.

The GMP SelectTM Philosophy

TTE’s GMP SelectTM philosophy is rooted in our belief that good manufacturing practices (GMP) will be best met through an integrated liquid handling process at the lowest lifetime cost.. The GMP Select Brand indentifies products and services proven to provide this highest quality liquid handling performance. When used in concert, GMP Select products – like the EON S Forever Pipette – and services reduce cost, while maintaining compliance to the highest standards

ISO Calibration Services

TTE Labs is driven by the science of Metrology

TTE Laboratories is not only accredited to ISO 17025 and ANSI Z540.3, but is also committed to providing pipette calibration services that are comprehensive, complete, reliable and fully compliant to ISO 8655 and ASTM E1154 standards – the primary methodology standards for piston pipette calibration – as well as all other relevant industry standards.

Repair Services

It’s true that at TTE Laboratories, we have a passion for precision. But we understand equally well the need for measurement reliability between scheduled calibration services. That’s one reason we will never calibrate a pipette that is visibly worn, damaged, functioning improperly, or otherwise incapable of accurate measurement. That’s also why we put every pipette we receive for calibration through a detailed assessment and refurbishing procedure. We strive hard to ensure that your pipettes will be accurate long after our calibration service and all the way through to their next service cycle.

Management Services

Regardless of your pipette inventory, pipette management is a difficult, complex process. There are many different brands and models to manage. To ease this burden, TTE Laboratories offers a comprehensive pipette management program, complete with an assigned TTE liaison who will work with your team to help with asset control, logistics, and communication with users about pipette calibration scheduling and service pickups.


TTE Laboratories is concerned not only with your pipettes, but with your pipetting team. Since it is well documented that the vast majority of pipetting inaccuracies are the result of user error, TTE has spent years developing a comprehensive pipette performance training program, including a FREE option. Your staff members can access our training either on location or online.

With regular training in proper techniques, best practices, and pipette performance (one-on-one training available), your lab team will begin to increase their productivity and reduce your operating costs.

This training is another element of TTE Laboratories’ comprehensive approach to pipette performance.

One Stop Solution

Once you compare, you will realize that TTE Laboratories is the first and only pipette performance company to bring simplicity and peace of mind to the often complex, uncertain aspects associated with pipette calibration.  Our program quality and comprehensive management services deliver maximum accuracy, compliant certification, and a complete, one-stop shopping convenience that others cannot. See the Echo™ Solution Overview page to learn more.