As the leading provider of ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 accredited pipette services, TTE Laboratories offers clients much more than a standards-based instrument calibration. Each variable must be addressed to maximize overall pipette performance. This is why training is absolutely essential.

Recognizing that a major source of pipette errors is user generated, TTE has developed comprehensive pipette training specifically designed to improve pipette user performance, saving thousands in costs per year.

Our Expertise

Founded in 1989, TTE Laboratories has been providing pipette performance training and related services for more than 25 years. We are owned and operated by former clinical research scientists who saw a need for more precise, more accurate and more affordable calibration services.

Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in developing the capacity to serve our clients better. Our own team members undergo between three and six months of documented initial pipette training, as well as annual retraining to ensure they stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and best practices in our industry.

We want to share our expertise to help your team improve measurement accuracy and repeatability.  TTE clients can select pipette training that is right for their staff. We offer three on-site pipette training options, plus a free online pipette training presentation that covers best practices and proper technique.

Online Webinar

Our free webinar provides a convenient, non-invasive option for receiving a “best practices” approach to using pipettes in real-world situations. Your team members will learn pipetting techniques and procedures that will minimize errors, improve productivity, minimize rework and unnecessary waste, while reducing costs.

Why is this important? Because the increasing sophistication of today’s pipettes means the need for user training has never been higher. In fact, today as many as 70% of pipetting errors result not from equipment malfunction, but from user errors.

The real value for our clients? Our training provides the critical information and proper techniques your staff needs to know, and includes a comprehensive list of ‘best practices’ to help them achieve maximum pipette performance and improved consistency, while extending the life of their pipettes.

We’ll present:

  • The general functionality and features of air-displacement, positive displacement, multichannel pipettes and repeat dispensers, including your specific pipette models.
  • Correct pipetting angles to ensure measurement accuracy.
  • Correct pipetting posture, which plays a critical role in maximizing pipette performance and minimizing user fatigue.
  • Correct aspiration depth, which determines liquid adhesion to the outside of the tip.
  • Proper Pre-wetting technique, to help achieve pipetting accuracy and precision.
  • Touching off, a technique to ensure accurate delivery of measurements.
  • Correct use of Blow out, another technique for accurate dispensing.
  • Changing Tips, which eliminates volumetric variations in liquid transfers.
  • Thermal Transfer, which ‘significantly’ causes drift in measurement accuracy.
  • Contamination Protection and the use of barriers, when necessary.
  • Pipette Storage and Cleaning, a critical element in preventing sample cross-contamination and damage.

Onsite Pipette Performance Training

For laboratories interested in formal, performance-based pipette training, TTE provides a customized, more hands-on approach, with live, on-site training programs geared to your specific requirements and the most urgent needs of your staff. Included are one-on-one performance training and an interactive training and demonstration presentation. Users will also receive a detailed analysis of their before and after performance results (confidentially) compared to both the group of participants in the training session and a more universal standard.

Part of a Complete Management Solution

Pipette performance training is only one aspect of the complete management solutions we offer clients through our Echo™ asset management program. We also provide both on-site and web-based training options to better serve facilities around the country. Let us help you assess the current gaps in your knowledge and design a training program that’s customized to your needs.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our training options.