How much do you know about today’s mechanical pipettes? Each week, in our Accuracy Matters blog, our readers can find all sorts of useful information about pipetting- best practices and tips, regulatory changes and innovative techniques. This week we’re testing your knowledge!

1. When was the mechanical pipette (micropipette) invented?

Your answer: _____________________________
Read The Evolution of Pipetting Calibration Services to see if you’re right.

2. Which of these is NOT considered a good pipetting technique?
a. Use consistent force when installing the pipette tip
b. Release the plunger rapidly
c. Pre-wet the pipette tip

Your answer: ___________________________________________
Read 8 tips to improve your pipetting technique to see if you’re right.

3.Onsite pipette service providers offer similar quality as a standards-based, laboratory calibration provider, only faster turnaround.
True or False?

Your answer: __________________________________________
Read The Remarkable Cost of Pipette Errors to see if you’re right.

4.Can you name one FDA regulatory requirement your lab must comply with?

Your answer: _______________________________________________
Read 5 tips for keeping one step ahead of the FDA for helpful advice.

How well did you do? Stay on top of all things pipetting by subscribing to Accuracy Matters. And of course, TTE Laboratories is always available to answer your questions. Just get in touch with your questions.

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