At TTE Laboratories, we put every pipette we receive for calibration through a detailed assessment and refurbishing procedure, to ensure that your pipette will be accurate long after our calibration service and all the way through to the next service cycle.

Our process includes a thorough cleaning of each pipette, both inside and out. We not only remove the surface dirt, we disassemble the unit, and refurbish and replace any parts, as necessary. We then clean, polish and re-lubricate the critical components. Cleaned and refurbished pipettes are finally reassembled and tested for proper functionality prior to calibration.

Reparing and cleaning pipettes

Our standard is simple: we return your pipettes to you looking, feeling, and performing “like new.”

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History of Success in Pipette Repairs

Historically, TTE Laboratories’ fully-trained staff of expert calibration technicians is capable of performing over 98% of all necessary pipette repairs without any service delay. Those pipettes that require extensive repair are held back, with the pipettes that pass our rigorous inspection fully calibrated and returned on time.  We typically repair and calibrate any “retained” pipettes within the next day or two.

Because we’re independent of any pipette manufacturer’s priorities and agendas, we replace parts only as needed, (except when requested otherwise by a client or for Gilson Pipetman® models, for which we replace single channel piston o-ring and seals at every service as good preventative maintenance).

With your TTE Laboratories pipette calibration service, most repairs are free because they are included in our calibration price. (When needed, replacement parts are extra.)

To eliminate the majority of service delays, TTE maintains a stock inventory of more than 1,000 different replacement parts for almost every pipette brand and model. More than 95% of these parts are manufacturer’s OEM parts. We quarantine our non-OEM parts until we complete rigorous validation performance and quality control procedures.

Only when a pipette is in perfect working condition will we calibrate it.

Pipette Replacement Program

Although TTE Laboratories supplies some of the best pipettes available and works hard to keep them in “like new” condition, all pipettes eventually wear out, break, become too expensive to repair, or simply age into obsolescence. For all these reasons, pipette replacement is an ongoing and important concern that can be very disruptive to laboratory productivity and success.

But not with TTE. We make pipette replacement just as easy for you as our pipette calibration and repair service, with a comprehensive pipette replacement program that includes:

  • Access to the latest and most common pipette brands and models
  • Discounted prices on pipette replacements
  • Replacement of pipette during service, so pipettes are available to users immediately
  • Pipette replacement insurance (where available)
  • TTE Laboratories’ certification of calibration for each new replacement pipette

For more details on our replacement pipette program*, call TTE Laboratories at 855-434-2008 or contact us.

When you rely on TTE Laboratories, we make replacement of your tired pipettes easy and fast, minimizing your downtime. That’s another part of the TTE promise.

* Note: Not all pipette makes and models are available within this program. Nevertheless, we can satisfy nearly any laboratory requirements.