December Pipette of the Month: The Brandtech Transferpette S

For the coming months, the pipette experts at TTE Laboratories will isolate a few excellent pipettes that qualify for the title: Pipette of the Month.

While you can use these pipettes any month out of the year, we like suggesting tools you can depend on for excellent results.

What Customers Say about it: 

During recent visits to our customers’ labs, we observed the following reactions to this instrument:

1.“I thought Rainin made the best pipette out there, but I found something that impressed me even more.”

2.“I love the way the micrometer clicks into place. I don’t feel like I’m guessing where I’m at.  The volume lock works great.”

3.“I love the smooth feel of the plunger…not too light, but not taxing on my hand.”

What our Calibration Lab Technicians say about it:

Our calibration technicians – with an average of seven years’ lab experience and 30 hours a week pipetting – know their pipettes. Each year, they see over 60,000 pipettes of all makes and models. Here is what they say about the Brandtech Transferpette S:

1.“Wow. These things are dead on.”

2.“How come more people don’t buy these instead?”

3.“I rarely have to adjust these pipettes during calibration. They really hold their accuracy.”
Features of the Brandtech Transferpette S

While the Brandtech Transferpette S may appear to be a basic pipette, those using it quickly realize that it is a high quality precision instrument. The micrometer faces you, and you can operate every feature of the pipette including a change of volume, with one hand.  The small volume lock is easy and effective. Unlike many pipettes, the Transferpette S will measure successfully with a variety of different tip brands, which drives the cost of ownership down.

Value Price and Cost of Ownership

With a list price of $311.00  and discounts available from your favorite distributors (some very attractive), this pipette isn’t out of the question for even the most budget conscious lab. With low repair rates, solid repetitive performance, and tip flexibility, this pipette boasts some of the lowest costs to own. The Brandtech Transferpette S is a solid choice!

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