Single Channel – any pipette that takes 1 tip, includes dispensers, dilutors, syringes

Multichannel – any pipette that takes 2 or more tips

Bottle-Top – Bottle Top Dispenser

All pipette calibration services include basic repair and comprehensive preventative maintenance service. Some extensive repairs and most parts are extra.

ISO-Accr – ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO8655 compliant. Calibration includes 10 ‘As Found’ and 10 ‘As Left’ measurements.  Individual ISO Certificates include ISO/IEC 17025:2017 logo.

Level 4 – Calibration includes 4 ‘As Found’ and 10 ‘As Left’ measurements. Individual L4 certificates issued.

Level 3 – Calibration includes 4 ‘As Found’ and 4 ‘As Left’ measurements. Individual L3 certificates issued.

Level 2 – Calibration includes 4 ‘As Left’ measurements. Individual L2 certificates issued.

Level 1 – Calibration includes 4 ‘As Left’ measurements. Batch certificates issued.

Multichannel Calibration Options

MC Std – 8 & 12 channel pipettes
Calibration of multichannel pipettes are performed to the service level above. Following interchannel performance verification, measurements are obtained from a single random channel

MC Plus – 8 &12 channel pipettes
MC Standard calibration, plus a single measurement from each channel at each test point – MC Std price + $15 per MC Plus test pt.

MC Premium – 8 &12 ch pipettes
Our most comprehensive calibration for multichannel pipettes, service includes our MC Standard calibration above, performed from each individual channel. Certificates include complete measurement data from every channel. Not available for multichannel pipettes at L1 or L2 calibration.

SC MC Std BT MC Premium 2 Test Pts. 3 Test Pts.
ISO-Accr $59.50 $99.50 $89.50 ISO MCPi2 MCPi3
Level 4 $42.50 $72.50 $63.50 8 ch $250 $275
Level 3 $39.50 $70.50 $61.50 12 ch $300 $325
Level 2 $37.50 $68.50 $58.50
Level 1 $22.00 $44.00 $42.00 L4 MCP42 MCP43
8 ch $190 $210
12 ch $210 $230
L3 MCPi2 MCPi3
8 ch $130 $160
12 ch $160 $185

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PCV – Pipette Controller Validation Service (Pipet-aid® type)
Service includes a cleaning and complete inspection, detailed refurbishing, and are tested for performance assessment, filter replaced at every service, battery charged-replaced as needed. $37.50 each

e-certificates – electronic files of certificates (pdf). $2.00 each

DNA Decontamination – 10% bleach cleaning step to aid in the removal and neutralization of potential contaminating nucleic. $10.00 each

TTE Express Service – Pipettes are received from the client, calibration/repair services are completed & pipettes are shipped back to client – all in the same day

TTE Service Pack Upgrade – 2 TTE pipette shipping boxes, each with reusable custom foam inserts for extra safe and secure transport of your pipettes for calibration and repair services, while reducing waste.
$8 per box, cube shape, fits 30 single channel pipettes
$4 per box, mailer (our normal box) fits 10 single channel pipettes.

Replacement Parts – TTE maintains over 1000 replacement parts in stock representing almost every pipette manufacturer.  Parts are normally installed as needed during calibration service, unless instructed otherwise. Most parts are extra. Most Current Parts Pricing Applies