Avidien Technologies (Hudson, MA) introduced the microPro 300 pipettor at the SLAS 2017 lab automation show earlier this year and was thrilled to receive the SLAS New Product Award for their innovative new instrument.  The microPro 300 is a 96 channel pipettor that improves your assay results, frees up time for other activities and creates a healthier work environment.

Because the microPro pipettes across all 96 channels simultaneously it can improve the reliability of your assay results in several ways.  First, compared with an 8 or 12 channel pipette, the well to well variability is improved because the pipette tips are all working together at the same height and angle.  Even the most experienced handheld pipette user introduces some variation by changes in tip angle and immersion depth from one transfer to the next.  Additionally, the microPro automatically controls the pipetting depth which will reduce variation from transfer to transfer, increasing overall experiment repeatability.  Finally, many frequently used detection techniques, including ELISA assays, have a time dependent step that is affected by using a handheld instrument to pipette column-by-column.  An overall improvement in assay reliability and reproducibility can be expected with the use of a 96 channel pipettor.

Would you use a single channel pipette to endlessly fill 96 well microplates when eight channels will do the same thing in a fraction of the time with better results?  The idea sounds ridiculous, and it is.  It’s also one of the convincing arguments for deciding to purchase a 96 channel instrument for your lab.  For some assays, pipetting time can be reduced more than tenfold when compared with a handheld multichannel pipette.  If you are working in a 384 format, the time savings is even more dramatic.  A simple return on investment calculation will reveal the potential savings.  Pipetting across all 96 channels with the microPro will increase your productivity and improve your job satisfaction by letting you get back to more stimulating activities.

Lastly, the serious topics of lab safety, ergonomics and repetitive strain injury (RSI) have to be considered.  It’s an unfortunate fact that many new workplace related cases of RSI are diagnosed in the US each year, leading to down time, discomfort and unexpected expense.  The main source for RSI concern in a lab environment is excessive time working with handheld pipettes.  Wrist angle, instrument weight and repetitive tip load and eject cycles are valid issues with these instruments.  There has been a lot of progress with instrument ergonomics and by the introduction of easy to load pipette tips, but the best way to address RSI in the lab is to reduce or eliminate its source.  The microPro pipettor was designed with attention to the ergonomic details.  The pipetting head is perfectly counterbalanced so the pipette tips can be positioned with a light touch.  The pipette tips are easily installed using very little force, and ejection is automatic with the push of a button.  For these reasons, and with the increased efficiency of pipetting in 96 channels, the microPro pipettor will improve safety in your lab by reducing a source of repetitive strain injury.

Avidien’s microPro 300 will deliver these benefits in a system designed with many unique and innovative features.  The instrument is the most compact on the market and is easily usable in a biosafety cabinet and mindful of congested lab bench space.  Pipetting volume range is 5 to 300 microliters and it can pipette at 10 different speeds.  Capability includes pipetting with both 96 and 384 well microplate formats and automatic pipetting depth positioning specific to your labware.  Programming is through the microPro Controller App which is installed on an iPad Mini and communicates wirelessly with the pipettor.  The App has a distinctive interface that is easy to use and includes many convenient features, such as the ability to build custom protocols that step through your complete assay.  Several canned pipetting routines are preconfigured for commonly used pipetting routines, and have been designed to be easily edited and run.  Store thousands of saved favorite programs for easy retrieval.  The microPro 300 represents the high water mark for performance and value in a compact and convenient package.

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