Whether you have ten pipettes or a thousand, managing your pipettes and maintaining a regular calibration schedule can be a difficult and complex process. As a leading provider of instrument calibration and repair for today’s labs and research facilities, TTE Laboratories understands how important it is to ensure all delicate equipment is properly maintained. We also know that lab managers are frequently overworked and may not have the technical background necessary to know when repairs or service is required. That’s why we provide our customers with a comprehensive on-site pipette management program.

Learn more about our Echo™ (powered by Qualer) asset management program to benefit from a wide range of pipette calibration management services. With more than 25 years in business, we have the on-site expertise that can help streamline the pipette management process, allowing you to minimize downtime and easily meet your compliance and auditing requirements.

A TTE account manager or liaison specialist can work with your pipette calibration department to manage the control, communication and logistics of your pipette calibration program. You’ll receive the following services:

  • Pipette Logistics and Tracking: We will maintain all your calibration service documents and certificates in our safe and secure data archives, as specified in ISO 17025.
  • Management Reports: Our up-to-date service reports will aid you in evaluating your pipette performance and usage, as well as help you identify service trends, track your pipette-related costs, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
  • Calibration Service Reminders: Our electronic notifications will remind you when your pipettes are due for service: accurately, reliably, and totally free.
  • Audit Assistance: Every TTE Laboratories calibration certificate is audit-ready. You can face auditors worry free with our audit ready access to all the pipette service and calibration documentation auditors will require. Our management support will help make it easier to prepare for audits, respond to audit requests, and meet the relevant standards.
  • On-site Management Services: Our well-qualified site manager operates from your facility, effectively managing your entire pipette calibration program. This provides you with a valuable management resource, program and process efficiency, and a technical resource for department staff, pipette users, and their managers. The net result: you and your staff have more time to focus on other important work while we manage your pipette service program.

If these features and benefits appeal to you, you may wish to consider our breakthrough pipette service program, Echo™. We are excited to offer these value-added pipette service programs to meet all your pipette calibration and service needs.

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Pipette calibration management doesn’t have to be a daunting process. TTE Laboratories has experience working with facilities of all sizes. We are a valued partner for testing, reporting, repairs, compliance and more. To discover what we can do for you, keep browsing our website or contact our office to speak with a representative about our pipette management services.