Research and testing labs around the world know the importance of staying compliant with ISO and other quality assurance standards.

TTE Laboratories offers a number of ISO calibration services for your pipettes and other delicate measuring equipment such as Bottletop Dispensers and Dilutors like the Hamilton Microlab series. We can help you get audit-ready faster and for less. Keep reading to learn more or contact our Hopkinton, MA office to get started today.

What Is ISO 8655?

The only definitive ISO procedure guide specifically for pipette calibration, ISO 8655 is a very detailed set of standards, methods and controls that a pipette calibration provider must follow to correctly and accurately calibrate any type of piston pipette.

ISO 8655-2 specifies the requirements for air-displacement (type A) and positive-displacement (type D) single-channel and multi-channel piston pipettes (including their selected tip(s) and any other essential, consumable parts, designed to deliver their specified nominal volume).

TTE Laboratories is committed to providing pipette calibration services that are comprehensive and complete, reliable and fully compliant to these ISO 8655 requirements.

Why Are ISO Calibration Services Important?

Instrument calibration to ISO 8655 standards is a key requirement of passing an audit, managing risk and attracting new clients. Compared to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 — another common laboratory certification — ISO 8655 includes more rigorous and detailed standards specifically for pipette calibration. This provides additional peace of mind in any laboratory or related facility where accuracy is essential.

Five Calibration Service Levels

At TTE Laboratories, we recognize that not all clients require the highest level, most accurate and detailed calibration, and many of our clients have their own individual compliance requirements. To better meet these needs, TTE Laboratories offers five different levels of pipette calibration service, and 3 additional service options for multichannel pipettes.

These range from our ISO-level calibration service providing the details necessary for the most stringent regulatory compliance to our Level 1 service which provides a basic but thorough service suitable for any research laboratory.

Our Tip Evaluation Service

A pipette is useless without an appropriate tip. Although they are cheap and intended to be disposable, they greatly impact the accuracy of your pipettes. That’s why TTE Laboratories takes care to evaluate the accuracy of each of your pipettes when fitted with the tips your staff normally would use with it.

Compare Our Services to Those of Others

TTE Laboratories strives hard to provide the very best pipette calibration services at the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and convenience. But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to make your own comparison between TTE Laboratories and other pipette calibration services you wish.

Our Pricing

TTE Laboratories strives hard to provide the very best pipette calibration services at the highest levels of accuracy, reliability, and convenience. But our prices are extremely competitive, and additional discounts and benefits are available to clients who sign up.

We invite you to explore our pipette calibration services in more detail. When you do, we believe you’ll agree that TTE Laboratories provides the combination of service quality, fast turnaround, and reliability that best meets your needs.