TTE Laboratories performs ISO 8655 compliant pipette calibration procedures, individually tailored to each manufacturer’s pipette model, design and performance specifications.

What Is ISO 8655?

ISO 8655 is an international standard for the calibration of pipettes and other laboratory equipment. It specifically outlines best practices for ensuring the pipette calibration process is accurate and performed correctly. It enhances ISO/IEC 17025:2017 , which focuses more broadly on the internal systems that must be in place to ensure quality and consistency in calibrating organizations.

For that reason, be sure to always look for ISO 8655 certification when choosing a calibration provider. Though ISO 8655 certification is less common, it represents quality you can trust at all stages of the pipette calibration process.

Our Service Approach

TTE Laboratories delivers exceptional value for its clients through service that meets their needs. Since many of our clients have their own individual compliance requirements we offer multiple levels of calibration for single and multichannel pipettes as well as a separate validation service for motorized pipette controllers. These range from our ISO-level calibration, which provides the details required for the most stringent ISO regulatory compliance standards, to our Level 1 service which provides a basic, thorough service suitable for basic research laboratories. Learn more.

Our Team

TTE Labs ISO 8655 Pipette Calibration

Every pipette we calibrate is TTE-certified by one of our highly trained, expert staff. Our small team has a combined 50 years of laboratory experience among them and undergoes rigorous testing to stay current on pipette calibration procedures for the latest and most sophisticated equipment on the market today. Annual retraining and proficiency testing keeps our staff sharp and helps us deliver an unbeatable level of quality and accuracy in everything we do. Individual calibration certificates that provide extensive, yet easy-to-understand details about the calibration testing process and help you meet your auditing requirements (view sample certificates). We first provide data reflecting both the pipette’s “as found” accuracy and precision. Following an extensive evaluation and preventative maintenance, we then provide data reflecting the pipette’s “as left” performance, with validated measurement uncertainty values presented for each test volume. Each pipette must pass performance tolerances at up to three test volumes reflecting the range of the pipette at 10, 50 and 100% of its measurement range.

Unique 10 Point Calibration Process

Unique to TTE Laboratories is our  comprehensive, 10-point preventative maintenance process, which is designed to ensure that measurement performance is maintained throughout the service cycle.

  1. We fully disassemble each pipette
  2. We perform a thorough evaluation of functionality
  3. We clean and polish pistons
  4. We replace piston lubricants
  5. We change piston o-rings and seals (when recommended by the manufacturer as part of the PM service)
  6. We assess the integrity of and replace any worn or damaged parts
  7. We remove contaminating residues from inner and outer components
  8. We make any necessary repairs
  9. We reassemble and verify functionality ahead of calibration
  10. We perform a formal leak test procedure to confirm functionality and performance

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