TTE Laboratories has been providing excellence in pipette calibration and repair since 1989. TTE’s Metrology-driven approach is shared by our entire staff, and promoted throughout our organization (see for example, the training regimen of our dedicated pipette calibration specialists).

Expanding beyond our ISO Accredited Pipette Calibration Service, our consultants assist customers with the entire liquid handling system including pipette techniques, pipette tips, pipette purchasing advice, and calibration.  We do more, because the accuracy of your liquid handling systems in your laboratory are dependent upon much more than a calibration service.

Our Story

In 1989, three biotechnology research scientists from Boston’s famed Route 128 (“America’s Technology Highway“) grew dissatisfied with their available options for accurate, convenient and affordable pipette calibration.

After much investigation and discussion, they committed themselves to establishing something entirely new: a comprehensive, scientifically accurate yet still convenient pipette calibration service company.

At first, TTE offered its signature service only to local (New England) clients. As more and more labs, however, recognized the value of TTE’s comprehensive calibration, repair, and preventative maintenance service the number of satisfied customers quickly grew and TTE began servicing clients from coast to coast, all with our Standard 24 Hour Service Time.

TTE Continues to Innovate

Echo™ :  Our Online Pipette Management Platform

More than a database, we directly collaborate with you through a secure portal providing you real-time visibility into your entire pipette inventory, and all service work we do for you.  Simplify the tasks and reduce the time necessary to manage your calibrations, and gain real-time insights with customized KPI reports.  All calibration certificates are CFR Part 11 compliant, and accessible via our secure portal 24/7.

GMP Select Products and Training

TTE Laboratories is the only company that provides an integrated approach to laboratory liquid handling that consistently delivers the most accurate results for the lowest lifetime cost: the GMP Select™ line of products and services. With GMP Select products and services, TTE customers will see:

  • reduced cost, with the EON S “forever pipette”;
  • improved productivity, with our comprehensive pipette performance training program; and
  • improved science, with calibration that meets the ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 standards

With TTE Laboratories, you no longer have to trade calibration accuracy and reliability for outstanding convenience and price.