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Pipetting errors are real and happen in every laboratory, every day. In a recent study by a well-known liquid handling testing provider, 53 variable volume pipettes in use at a major biomedical research institution were tested at one volume setting. Greater than 10% of the pipettes were not performing to the laboratories tolerances and the majority of those instruments substantially underperformed. In regards to laboratory personnel, various sources have estimated the operator accounts for 70-80% of all liquid handling mistakes in the laboratory. However, few organizations have instituted best practices training programs designed to standardize proper pipetting.


Liquid handling errors may happen for a variety of reasons including substandard calibration of pipettes, worn, broken, or contaminated instruments, pipettes used with tips which are not compatible with a particular model and operator error. Reducing all sources of error will reduce overall laboratory costs and increase confidence of laboratory results.


The Liquid Handling Error Cost Calculator below is designed to estimate the costs of pipetting error throughout your organization. With the documented laboratory studies that are included as your guide, we encourage you to make reasonable assumptions as to the status of your own laboratory instruments and personnel. The resulting calculations will create a probable picture of the current loss in your laboratory.







TTE Pipette Error Calculator
Lab Information   Enter Information About Your Lab
  Number of Single Channel Pipettes    A
  Number of Multi Channel Pipettes    B
  Number of Lab Analysts    C
  Percent of OOT* Pipettes In Your Lab  D  
  Percent of Lab Analysts Not Trained in Pipetting Best Practices  E  Five Good Reasons for Training
Assay Information   Enter Cost Information About a Typical Assay/Experiment
  Analyst Hourly Cost($)  
  Hours for Experiment  
  Cost of Reagents($)  
  Cost of Consumables($)  
  Cost/Error($)   $205.00  F
Probable Loss Results    
  Total Pipette Error Cost   $492,000.00  (A+B)*D*F*200 
  Total Analyst Error Cost   $246,000.00  C*E*F*200 
  Percent of Errors Leading to Failed Assays    
  One Year Cost Due to Errors   $7,072.50
  Five Year Cost Due to Errors   $35,362.50

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TTE Pipette Error Calculator - Results of your cost calculation.
One Year Cost
Due to Errors

Based on the content you provided, these are your current estimated costs due to error in your laboratory. These costs can be controlled and prevented

Five Year Cost Due to Errors   -     

TTE provides several options for onsite Pipette Training to review, identify and correct poor techniques and differences in the lab. Visit our Pipette Training Page to review the options, and call us at 800-242-6022 to discuss. We’ll design a solution to meet your needs.


As you can see, Pipette Technique Errors and Dysfunctional Pipettes are two costly sources of excessive spending that are hidden in most every lab. However, these problems could only be the beginning. Consider the following:


A. Samples are often limited and rare. Obtaining additional samples can be costly or impossible.


B. Time spent repeating an assay is a delay in production or research process. These developmental delays add up and contribute to possible loss of opportunity.


C. Failing assays or pipettes can produce deviations that result in costly impact studies for many manufacturing labs. These deviation costs can run over $10K each.


D. Additional maintenance costs result from untrained employees who misuse instruments.