There’s little value in claiming to do the best work in the industry if you’re not willing to back up that claim with specific action. At TTE Laboratories, we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk.

We warranty every pipette calibrated at TTE Laboratories to be free of defects in parts or workmanship, and to retain its measurement accuracy to ISO/IEC 8655 or to the manufacturer’s performance tolerances for a full year from the last service date (except where performance was affected by normal wear, misuse, mishandling, or damage). This is twice as long as anyone else in the industry!

With TTE Laboratories, you can trust the pipettes we calibrate to be accurate  throughout their complete service cycle. If at any time you doubt your pipette’s performance, send it back to us and and we’ll verify, repair and recalibrate your pipette as needed to restore measurement confidence.

Considering the importance of your work:

  • Should you trust a pipette that doesn’t carry this warranty protection?
  • Should you trust a pipette service provider not confident enough in their quality to offer this warranty?